Users guide

This new device is the fruit of the correlation of several sources and their collaborative knowledge. Historically and technically, this procedure resumes the work of the company Natarys, improved by the findings of the research done by the Gaujacq plant nursery. That botanical expertise started with the plant nursery Guichard (1860), taken over by the nursery Anne and Claude Thoby (1954) and finally carried out by Frederique and Jean Thoby at the Plantarium® de Gaujacq since 1985. It’s by studying phytoneurology from 2012 that this devise has been perfected.

The first core idea of this method is to understand that no living organism is pathogenic itself.
It is always relevant that an exceeding population in an environment (virus, insects, fungi…) is very problematic, as it is a population too important for one area we then face an imbalance. However we have recently observed that these organisms do have a positif role when they are present in an environment and it seems necessary to have them for the overall balance This concept has never been studied and it is only from our long years of experience that we able to make that conclusion.

Our new approach has changed ou behaviour and practices. The results we observe for us and our customers are beneficial beyond our hopes.
The second core idea is to understand that only the vetegal apogy can perfectly balance itself and the correlation with it’s environment. So the care given to the plant only consists of transmitting a series of useful information through the water. Standard irrigation or spraying gives the plant the vitality needed to make the right choices for it’s development.

We have been using this method at Plantarium® of Gaujacq for a long time. Now, growers in horticulture, plant nursery, viticulture, floriculture and agriculture, all testify being very satisfied with the obtained results, attest of the great efficiency of the Botanical Biodynamiser of Gaujacq and encouraged us the marketing phase for the device.


The Botanical Biodynamiser of Gaujacq has a 10 years warranty, with the condition to be used in accordance to our recommendations :

  • The device must NEVER be exposed to extreme temperatures, it must be kept between 5°C to 30°C, nor directly exposed to a direct source of heat.
  • Storage and preparation of the waters must imperatively be done inside.
  • It must be plugged into a surge protector at all times.
  • The user must make sure the device is properly plugged in to ensure full functionality of the machine to safety standards.
  • Do not use the Botanical Biodynamiser of Gaujacq while being too close to any informatic devices (phones, computers, etc).


  • Fill the water container to the maximum with either : rain water, spring waterer osmosis water (with the Natarys system without silver electrodes). Avoid any public service water, stagnant water, stream on a farm, or any water that is contaminated with metals (going through pipes) and synthetic molecules.
  • Position correctly the metal bars provided depending on what you need (the carbon one and cooper at minimum). The basic series also includes silver and iron. Then in option you can get other materials, including more rare trace elements. Informations about it will soon be available on our website
  • Place the jar on it’s base, plug in the botanical biodynamiser to a socket with a good functioning socket. At the base of the jar a blue LED will light up. This will bring to the water through the light waves an information of symphonic and harmonic music. This information is capital the the good balance of the crops.
  • Let it work for at least 8 hours (have it plugged in overnight)
  • Once the is information is through, unplug the BBG and mix that water with any amount of water of which the ppm (particles per million) are under 120 (rain, stream, spring…) in a sprayer that has never contained synthetic molecules. Because it is not about dilution but simply information, it is possible to mix the biodynamised water without loosing information in any amont of water, it could be 10, 20 or even 400 liters (in a tractors sprayer for instance) or even in a water reserve of 20 or 2000 M3. It is also possible to use a dosatron (ideal since that water isn’t in contact with metal).
  • Wait 10 to 15 min before spraying the prepared water.
  • Put the device and elements away with care.


For the first few uses, you can set up a test zone so that you can compare the results with different «recipes ». It will give you confidence in your decisions. The basic treatment is usually most effective for many issues:

  • Unexplained stop of growth on short term cultures : Chrysanthemums, Pelargonium…, including in cases of over dosage of chemicals for a traditional culture for exemple.
  • Uncontrollable proliferation of Oidium Phytium, Mildew…in horticulture, plant nurseries or green spaces being inside or outside.
  • As a regulator on all cryptogams.
  • As a regulator on insects.
  • To accelerate the growth of seedlings after soaking them in water dynamised with carbone, copper + LED. On Camelia cultures, in one year, we have measured plants being between 25cm (9,8 inch) and 80cm (31 inch), in comparison to our witness zone (without BBG water) which was between 2,5cm (0,9 inch) and 15cm (5,9 inch).
  • To prevent from the effects of a drought.
  • It can reduce the water consumption of the plant: We used 50% less water on all our tests.
  • Stimulus of the rooting of young plant before plantation, potting or sowing.
  • This list is a mere example of what can be achieved.


Introduction: With our expertise and experience we are able to provide additional services including quotations in case further studies are required. In which case the basic principal is enhanced by applying information of trace elements, selenium, molybdenum, etc, as well as using identified music of the plants to obtain complementary results through our research in Phyto-Scan (natural proteodies), or music specifically designed and written by our genodicians (synthetic proteodies).

The devise is set up with a mini jack (aux) connection. Therefore allowing other ways to balance and inform the water for the treatments with specific music, through a laptop or an iPad etc… This is what makes our experience so avant-garde. Theses musics and chosen depending on your needs, either by the music from the plants, through an exclusive method edited by Jean & Frédérique Thoby, or by creating proteodies strictly composed by the holders of the patent ( We work together on various topics, especially on proteodies dedicated to a specific problem that requires further studies (to quote).


Here are some of the various advantages we get from using this method.

  • We don’t use any synthetic molecules. Any cultivators who wishe to grow organic can adapt to the BBG very easily.
  • The use is completely neutral since we don’t use molecules but information. Therefore there is no need for any PPE. However following the regular precautions, the dynamised water spraying treatments should happens with the same protocole than with chemicals, (do not spray against the wind, etc).
  • The results are usually fast. Within our trials we have noticed that it takes 48 hours to break dormancy, 24 hours to stop an important attack of red spiders, 12 hours to lift a blockage on Chrysanthemums, one season to reduce (nearly to zero) the appearance of powdery mildew in a greenhouse, one season to give plants staying in place better resistant to drought, up to dividing by two their water needs.
  • The major affect on the plant will be to re dynamise it, give it the necessary energy to be independant again and help it’s metabolism.
  • The BBG is very simple to use.
  • 80% of the cases are solved with the standard use and treatment without further specific investigations.
  • The application can be done before it rains (it only take 20min for the information to diffuse into the plants).
  • On certain soil and for cultures directly in the ground and in greenhouses, one year of follow up is enough to stop any mildew for several years.
  • A month subscription (price scale fixing depending on the size of the company) gives access to the latest informations updated by our applied research. The upside for the client is to improve every year, not only in efficiency of the Botanical Biodynamiser of Gaujacq but also your own knowledge. We also encourage you to share your own experience with the device so that we all create a community of environmental progress.


Electrical tensioning of the water via pure metal electrodes (98-99%) leaves a trace in the water which has the same effect as the metal of the electrodes (Bignand-Violet process). There are analysis in progress to try and find evidence of dissolved elements from the electrodes. Independently from these measures, we also know that if we did have dissolved electrode elements it would be a tiny percentage. This means that just like homeopathic solutions, the water is therefore “informed” at it’s quantum coherent level by electromagnetic signals coming from the electrodes.

Through the LED, water will also receive information in form of musical harmonic light waves coming from the music of a plants, or by genodicians calculated proteodies. These waves will interact with scale waves from all growing living organisms, in accordance to the physicist Joël Sternheimer’s theory.

Specific condensers can also enable the device to add, via LED, electromagnetic frequencies coming from dielectric breakdown of the condenser in order to create the equivalent of thunderstorm water.