Our Story

Our plant nursery story starts in 1864, to know all about it you can visit our website : ww.pepiniere-botanique.com. This family patrimony gave us the knowledge that brought us to further understanding of what the vegetal kingdom really is. From our own experience, by creating the Plantarium® de Gaujacq from 1985, everyday brings us proof that plants act, react and interact with one another, in 2012 our interest goes towards phytoneurology : in other words, studying the surface electricity of the plants. This activity is closely linked to the environnement of the plant and we can say that it is a reflection of the cognitive side of the plant. We regurlarly discover explanations for the cause-effect of the surface electricity which oddly changes depending on the surroundings. This brings a whole new understanding. Henceforth, by analysing a plant, we can find out if within a plantation, the issue comes from an external factor, roots, nutrient unbalance, hydric stress or other… To help us understand and validate this applied research, several scientists participate with this work.

To know about our latest research you can read : ‘Le Chant secret des plantes’ Rustica editions.